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Yes, you are a ROLE MODEL

Getting to the gym on a consistent basis is easy for some and harder for others.  No matter which side of the fence that you fall on just know that coming to the gym at all makes you a role model for EVERY child in your family and beyond.  Yes, you heard me right, a ROLE MODEL.

I’ve been blessed enough to have been a fitness coach for close to 18 years and I’ve trained more people than I can remember.  But what I can remember many times over are the many children that have started their own health and fitness journey based on the fact that their parents have lead the way.  Now don’t get me wrong, most kids don’t think that their parents actually workout or have really gotten as strong as they have at APTW.  So when it is time for one of the youngins to come in we always ask how hard we need to push them.  Should we ease them into training like a normal client or do we need to go all Seal Team 6 on them during their first workout just to see if they can keep up.

No matter what induction method we use, the kids find out very fast that Aspire is not some place that their moms go to sip coffee & hang out with friends.  We actually get work done, get stronger & reach goals.  Through this hardworking process all of our clients have become role models for what health and fitness is supposed to be.  Your kids and grandkids actually look up to you for many reasons even though they may or may not actually tell you.  Finding out that their mom/grandma can do pull-ups or deadlift well over 100lbs. like it is nothing always makes a child look at their parent/grandparent in a whole new light.

So the next time that you think that you are fighting an uphill battle toward your goals just think of the lives that you are shaping by simply showing up to the gym regularly.  We all know that our kids emulate us even if it sometimes comes out totally wrong and at the most inopportune times. But in the end, the example that you are setting now will pay great dividends for years to come.

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