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Who We Are

Aspire Personal Training for Women was founded in 2016. The goal…give women a space in the fitness world where they can get stronger and grow healthier at a pace that works for their individuality. Within this individuality they would be encouraged and supported by other women seeking to become the healthiest versions of themselves…physically & mentally.

We offer a small group personal training program, maximum of 8 women per session, that is not cookie cutter. Everything that we do is tailored to the needs and goals of each client with safety always being the top priority. We meet you where you are and then help you get to where you want to go!

Our Guiding Principles

We have 3 guiding principles that drive what we do at Aspire Personal Training for Women

The Aspire programs are simply the most effective programs for helping women look and feel their absolute best. We know the formula for producing the best results as efficiently as possible and for long term optimal health. University degreed exercise physiologists, a doctor of physical therapy, a registered dietician and other advisory board behavioral specialists are all involved in the creation of our programs. When we combine cutting edge science with real, in-the-trenches experience, we have the Aspire magic formula for world-class programming. Our programs are created and tested in a real facility, with real women. What does this all mean? Real results!

We understand that it is not an easy journey to a fitter, healthier place. Whether it is the convenience and abundance of high-calorie foods, the challenges of a busy lifestyle or the sedentary nature of the technological revolution, the cards are stacked against us. Here’s what we do know…with a group of encouraging and highly supportive women at your back, nothing is impossible! You can then lead by example and in the process become better mothers, sisters, friends, neighbors, community leaders…better humans! Women are the backbone of society and our goal is to do everything that we can to make them strong and keep them healthy!

The Aspire Team believes that is our responsibility to give back to our community. We feel so fortunate to be in the business of changing lives that we strive to take it one step further and help others along the way. We consistently seek charitable partnerships with local organizations to keep our community whole. This means that by being a member of Aspire, you are giving back! We are humbled by our success and so very thankful to our entire Aspire family for making this possible.

To your health,

Aspire Personal Training for Women

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