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How Good is Your Fitness Credit?

We live in a very financially interesting time to say the least.  Due to past decisions by the country as a whole, it is much more difficult for people to have credit extended to them.  But what if there was a way to have fitness credit extended to you?  It would work the same way as a credit card and it would be available to those who qualified.

For example, would you be willing to making minimum fitness payments in exchange for immediately getting the body you want?  If you could visit the gym, pick out your ideal fitness level and perfect body would you be willing to commit to doing the work necessary to keep it?  Here is an example:

  • You get the body you’ve always wanted
  • You are immediately bestowed with the ability to train at the exact fitness level you desire
  • In exchange, you have to strength train 3 times per week as well as consume a diet that would rate no lower than an 8 on a 10 point scale on a weekly basis
  • The length/amount of your debt would be determined by how drastic of a change you made when picking your fitness level and body
  • If you don’t hold up your end of the deal on a weekly basis you are assessed late fees in the form of fat gain
  • If you declare bankruptcy to get out of debt you will immediately be back in the shape you were in initially and be forced to stay that way for the next 7 years until your bankruptcy is discharged and you will be able to start the process over again but with steeper payments

Would people be interested in the plan in order to motivate themselves to stay that way or would they make a short term deal with the devil to look and feel great in the short term knowing they will default and be back to square one shortly?

What would you do?

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