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InBody for the Win?

The InBody machine is designed to give us valuable information to use to help us along our health and fitness journeys. But that message has somehow gotten a little lost over the years…time to clean it up.

First, it should be known that you are nor will ever be required to step on the machine and complete a test. It is not necessary to do so to be successful with fat loss. At the same time, you should have some consistent measure of progress during your journey and the InBody machine does just that. I repeat, IT IS A MEASURE OF PROGRESS and nothing more!


The Reality

The InBody machine and its accompanying results sheet have to be taken with ALL other measures of progress in order for it to all make sense. You add them all together and use that information to determine how well you are doing at any given time. Simply knowing how much body fat you have or what your visceral fat level is on their own will never tell the entire story of who you are.

Here a a few more just as important measures to consider:

  • Have you been consistent with your weekly workouts?
  • Has your nutrition been consistently complementing your activity?
  • Do your clothes fit better?
  • Are you able to accomplish life tasks much easier than before?
  • Do you feel better overall?

So many of our ladies have never worked out so consistently in their lives which is an accomplishment on its own! While others have been able to get back to doing so many things in their lives due to being much stronger to do so. None of the above required ever stepping on the machine to know that they were successful.

At the end of the day, the numbers on your results sheet can be very useful given the correct context. But they shouldn’t be what determines your overall success nor value that you hold in life.

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