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Tired of Being Sick & Tired

Exercise is known to have many benefits.  From not getting sick as much to giving you increasing amounts of energy, there is simply no downside to being active.  But for some reason it is much easier to find ways to NOT be active than to get your butt up and move.

We as human beings are designed to break down from the time that we stop growing somewhere in our 20s and beyond.  This means that no matter what we do, we will ultimately lose muscle, our bones will become more brittle and we will eventually die.  I know…it sounds morbid but those are simply the facts of life.  But fortunately for you there is something that YOU can do to get stronger, slow the rate of your decline and actually live longer!

Yes, that magic pill is exercise or even more simply put just being active on a regular basis.  Exercise helps to increase your lean muscle mass, bone density as well as strengthens your immune system.  There have been multiple ladies who have had major surgery and the fact that they had been strength training prior to surgery made their recovery so much easier. Exercise, and strength training in particular acts like body armor for everything that life throws at us. 

Imagine not getting sick as often and even if/when you do that you recover much faster because your body is better prepared to deal with it.  You in turn have to take less drugs or any other pharmaceuticals to help you get better.  Sign me up for that!

An active lifestyle has also been known to increase your overall energy levels.  I don’t know many people who would turn down having more energy in a world that is constantly stretching us to the limit both mentally and physically each day. Add in consistently good sleep and your recovery game is that much better.

We have to take control of our lives and decide how we want to treat our bodies.  You only have one chance to get this right so I suggest that you become and stay active for as long as you can.  At the end of the day you get out of life and the body you have what you put into it!

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