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Struggle Bus Blues

I work at Aspire Personal Training for Women 5-6 days per week for about 7 hours each day.  I work from 6am to 12pm each of those days with not much variation from week to week.  This is the very definition of routine mainly because I can pretty much do it in my sleep without skipping a beat.  At the same time, when it comes to working out at least three times per week it does become difficult at times to make that habit stick.  You read that right, even I struggle from time to time with getting my workouts in.

I know that each of our clients came to APTW to begin with for some specific reason or reasons.  Whether it was to fit into a wedding dress or to get into better health overall you were led to us for help.  Unfortunately, from time to time these goals take a back seat to life and all of its ups and downs.  It is hard to squeeze a workout in when you are dealing with the pressures of the outside world which of course have to get done immediately.

The easiest way out is to simply say that you will get your workout in another day.  Sadly, another day turns into another day and a few weeks later you have unknowingly created a habit of NOT going to the gym as often or not at all.  It is funny how it is so much easier to fit in NOT going to the gym than it was to fit in actually getting there.  The biggest drawback unfortunately is that not showing up to the gym does nothing for helping you achieve your health and fitness goals.

Now I am not professing to know any groundbreaking information on how to keep you on task because quite frankly everything doesn’t work for everyone.  The truth is that no matter what forms of discipline that you use to get into and stay in a gym routine needs to be simple and customized to you.  There is good news to hold on to though. WHEN things don’t go as planned instead of beating yourself up about it just move on and get it right the next time.  Also, know that you do not have to do it alone. We started this mission together and we are still on this journey with you together.  So feel free to speak to any coach whenever you need help as we are ALWAYS here to help you to get back on track!

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