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Obesity: We Can’t Get Out of Our Own Way

Many of us are well aware that there is an obesity epidemic in the United States. Starting with the adults and moving on down through the kids, the problem has gotten way out of hand. Many people have come up with their reason(s) why the problem exists so I figured that I would throw my hat into the ring.

Having lived in the north east US for most of my life, getting a heavy snow fall is not only common but expected each winter at some point. I found out in a hurry that that simply is not the case here in the south. The instant there is a ‘winter’ storm warning the masses head to the store to purchase as much bread, milk and whatever else they feel they will need to ride out the impending onslaught from mother nature.

The thing that intrigues me most about this is that I believe that most people can live off of what they already have in their pantry as well as refrigerator for a few months without having to stock up for the storm. It made me wonder if we are already hoarding way too much food in our houses on a regular basis giving us access to much more food than we need each day.

I am sure most people would suffer a panic attack if they were told that they had to live in a house with no pantry but I am sure that they would survive just the same. If we had to only buy each day what would fit in our refrigerator, I am sure that we would all find a way to adapt. Now keep in mind that the average household in the US has a refrigerator measuring between 18 and 26 cubic feet. I actually did some simple research and found that on a certain company’s website there was actually a refrigerator that measured 30.7 cubic feet. I can only imagine how much food would fit into that thing.

At the same time, I also did some research that was a little morbid and found out that the average coffin size in the US is about 31 cubic feet. Worst case, I guess a refrigerator that big can double as our final resting place!

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