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It Takes a Village

Most of us have heard the following saying, “It takes a village to raise a child.”  Well I bet you didn’t think that it could apply to your health and fitness goals as well.  At Aspire Personal Training for Women we definitely take the village approach from top to bottom and everywhere in between in helping you reach your goals.

When new clients come in to the facility they all have goals that they are looking to achieve.  Whether very personal or the kind that they are comfortable sharing with others, concrete goals are the main reason why everyone steps foot in the door in the first place.  Most new clients expect that the coach that they get to see on a regular basis will know this and do whatever they can to help them achieve those goals.  But what inevitably blows them away is not only how much their coach cares about their goals but how much EVERY person in the facility chips in.  

Our coaches as well as every client that comes in to the studio will have the backs of anyone who comes into the gym and works hard to get where they want to be.  It is not uncommon to see clients helping other clients through workouts. It will all be done while smiling or laughing because quite frankly that is what you do around your family, fitness or otherwise.  

When one client experiences success then we ALL experience and celebrate it.  Getting fit is so much more fun when you can celebrate it with those who you have sweated right along side of during that journey.  So many friendships have been created or have grown stronger by simply coming in to the gym on a regular basis that I guess you can call us the eHarmony of fitness as we keep bringing people together. Yes, it does drive us crazy as coaches sometimes when we can’t get you guys to stop talking but we also know that the camaraderie is a big part of what we do. The inmates can run the asylum…sometimes! LOL 

Even when clients have the occasional setback they are never left out in the cold.  They get checked on by not only the coaches but also asked about by other members because they care.  I have to admit that it is a little surreal being around so many people on a regular basis that truly care about others.  But as I like to say, “No client left behind!”

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