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Finding Your Focus

The summer is over and with it goes the less-caring free-living days that defined the past few months.  Summer is one of the best times of year where the days are longer and the drinks are colder.  Unfortunately for many of us, a few of our health & fitness responsibilities have been relaxed as much as we were when hanging at the lake.  I get it, we worked hard all winter long and the summertime is when we enjoy the fruits of our labor without the same level of focus.  Well now the trees are slowly running out of fruit and it is time to open up a can of “Get Right” as Fall and Winter are right around the corner.

School is back in session and traffic is back as well…but did it ever really go away? In the same way that our little people have to do it we also have to find our new routines as well.  For some of us it is as just as simple as changing our schedule a little to now accommodate getting the kids off to school in time.  For others it will take a small miracle to regain our focus and juggle everything that has changed from the last time that school was in session.  Life can be HARD! And for some it is just a simple refocus on what your goals are because the nest is now completely empty.

So it is time for less swimsuits, sunscreen and sitting back more meal prep, squats and kettlebell swings.  Time to get some REAL goals set, focus on getting your consumption under control and begin putting in the work.  No, it will not be easy as nothing worth doing ever is.  My advice is to take one day at a time and prepare as many things ahead of time as possible.  From your daily nutrition to your workout schedule, every little bit will help you get your focus back stay on track.

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