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All For One & One For All

Here at APTW our culture is something that we are very proud of and we work pretty hard to maintain it.  Every person who walks through our front door even if it is their very first time is shown the same amount of love and attention as clients that have been with us for years.

Over those years I’ve noticed some incredible things that have developed within our culture that everyone needs to know about.  At our club we train exclusively in a small group fashion making every session an opportunity for clients to either see old friends or to easily make new ones.  After all, there is nothing like sweating and suffering together to build strong bonds.

But so much more has developed between clients where they are helping each other within sessions simply because they are good people.  Just the other day while I was assisting a client with an exercise she noticed and pointed out to me that another client may be doing an exercise in a way that may lead to injury.  Sure enough the client I was training was right and I was able to immediately go over and correct form and keep someone from getting injured.  It was awesome that the client I was training was knowledgeable enough to know what the correct form should be and proactive enough to point it out so as to not let another lady get injured.  Awesome!

On another occasion, while I was tied up training two ladies in another part of the gym a client was in need of a spot for a very heavy lift.  Without hesitation another lady stepped in to lend a helping hand.  My initial reaction was of slight shock and great appreciation but then I realized that that is just what we do.  

Lastly, and probably the most awesome are the friendships that are established. Over the years, so many ladies have met and become friends due to coming to the gym on a regular basis. It leads to not only time spent together inside of the gym but outside as well. To me, those kinds of caring actions and newly created bonds make coaching at Aspire unique.  We all have health and fitness goals and actions like these are simple reminders that we are not on our journey toward them alone.

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