HERstory – Viv D.

My journey to Aspire started with a lifetime in an athletic environment, both as a competitor and a coach. Over the years, I dedicated myself to developing the strengths of others. I finally realized the importance of prioritizing my own physical well-being.

Navigating through different gyms and workout routines, I encountered many challenges, particularly struggling with past injuries. Constantly changing my approach in pursuit of safety, I was looking for a gym that could accommodate my needs. I stepped into Aspire and crossed paths with Anthony. Since that day, Aspire became more than just a gym—it became a sanctuary where I could focus on my own strength and growth, free from past limitations.

The key to my success is a combination of factors. First, committing to regular workouts with my daughter three days a week serve as a powerful anchor, keeping me accountable and on track. Anthony’s expertise in designing workouts with modifications has been instrumental in my progress. His tailored approach consistently pushes me to go for greater levels of strength and endurance. It confirms the belief that continuous improvement is not only possible but also essential. The vibrant community of strong, dedicated, and supportive women at Aspire provides an invaluable source of motivation and camaraderie. Their presence not only adds to the fun of each session but also creates an environment of encouragement and empowerment.

My motivation has remained consistent during a significant period of preparing for knee replacement surgery. Anticipating the physical and mental challenges ahead, I leaned heavily on my workouts at Aspire to keep me challenged and focused. The praises of physical therapists served as a testament to the hard work and dedication invested at Aspire prior and post surgery. The knowledge of how my workouts had helped my recovery reinforced my commitment to maintaining a consistent routine.

So, what’s next is a commitment to continue dedicating time to promote a stronger, healthier version of myself. It’s understanding the process isn’t just about physical transformation but about adapting to the inevitable changes that life throws my way. I recognize that this journey extends beyond the confines of the gym. I feel like I am prepared to face whatever challenges lie ahead.

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