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One Form or Another

As coaches we take you lovely ladies through workouts every day.  During our sessions we coach with the hopes that you not only work hard to get stronger but more importantly complete the exercises with the best form possible.  It is a noble goal but as I’ve become more and more experienced in this industry I realized a few new truths. Recently I’ve concluded that there are times when precise form is not always the desired goal. Hear me out…


Same Squat…Different Butt?

If you take the simple squat exercise, you can have 10 people perform it and end up with at least 4 to 5 slight variations in its execution.  Does that mean that only one of the clients was right and should be allowed to squat?  The answer is of course that they should all be allowed to squat so long as there is no pain associated with doing so. We are humans after all and are built and move differently.

The problem comes in when we as coaches get so caught up with perfecting the form of a certain exercise that we overlook the benefit of getting it done in just a slightly different manner.  Don’t get me wrong, there are just some exercises that we have to get incredibly technical with (ie. kettlebell swings) because even the slightest deviation from above average form could mean disaster for a client.  Like I always say, “You can’t unhurt someone.”

The thing that we have to ask ourselves as coaches is “Is the client sacrificing their results by doing it this way?” The answer is usually NO so at that point there is no need to change it unless it becomes unsafe.


Right or Right for YOU?

I am sure that many of our ladies have heard me say “It’s not wrong…it’s just DIFFERENT!” Think about it…how many times do you want to be corrected before not wanting to perform the exercise at all? The goal is NOT to beat you down simply because your version of the exercise is slightly different than what one of the coaches can do. You may not be able to physically get your body to do something or understand it no matter how hard we try. Yes, you can still do the exercise AND be successful with a slight variation.

At the end of the day, we have been and will continue to coach all of you to give your very best at all times and that means keeping your form as tight as possible.  At the same time, we do recognize that as humans we are all made a little differently and we will move in ways that are the most efficient for us.

Fitness is definitely NOT a one size fits all discipline and you will not be coached to try to fit into such nonsense. Now relax your freaking shoulders!

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